• Cloud Telephony
  • E-Governance
  • Web Development
  • Datacenter Management
  • Mobile App Development
  • Business Intelligence & EAS
  • Product Development Services
  • Product Development & RM
  • Human Resource Services
  • Customer Service Point

Cloud Telephony Services

Cloud Telephony delivers automated telephone applications to any phone, any place, anytime. Cloud Telephony is perfect for businesses that want innovative phone solutions, or simply need to eliminate the costs, responsibilities, and risks of ownership of traditional premise­based phone systems. While offering much more flexibility than a traditional phone system, Cloud Telephony is quick, easy, and affordable for any size business.


Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) is a government agency in New Delhi that serves as the issuing authority for Aadhar unique identification numbers (UIDs) and cards. The agency has been mandated by the government to develop, identify and set up the necessary infrastructure for issuing Aadhar cards. TSI (EA code-1469) is an enrollment agency for UIDAI. The company collects and process the data. The company currently is working PAN India with high ratio for generation of Aadhar cards.

Smart cards

Cards like Costar or PVC cards, TSI has a large variety of smart card solution for large turn key projects in both private and public sector. Being an old IT expert TSI has a large team of people who can provide almost any solution in this domain.

Data collection

It is a systematic approach to gather information from a variety of sources to get a complete and accurate picture of an area of interest. The company is an expert in collection of data by relevant sources and with accurate methods.

Data processing

It is the collection and manipulation of data and putting in to a proper format for a meaningful information. The data collected would be converted into machine readable form so that all the raw data could be; converted into a computerized format.

Server management

Monitoring and maintenance of web servers. Making sure that all the hardware and software of the company are functioning properly and our updated with the latest features and is working properly, monitoring; involves keeping track of every metric and parameter that may affect your server performing at full capacity. The company has a complete state of art in server management with all the proper technical person handling the servers.

State of the art server management

We do server management with latest technologies that include VSE, Disaster recovery, load-balancing and cluster-management.

Web Development and Services

1. Web and enterprise portal development
  • Content management
  • Digital data management
  • User management
  • Collaboration and communication
  • ecommerce
  • Business process automation
2. Website design and development
  • Professional design (look and feel, usability)
  • Comprehensive functionality (front-end features, back-end administration)
  • Back-end programming (dynamic page generation; database design, development, encryption; advanced search mechanism; built-in security; real-time payment processing; audio/video streaming)
  • Application audit and testing
3. Application security consulting
  • Development life cycle activities
  • Security architecture
  • Security testing
  • Deployment review
  • Activities outside the development life cycle
  • Authentication
  • Input validation
  • Authorization
  • Configuration management
  • Sensitive data protection
4. Application security consulting
  • Logo and corporate identity
  • Multimedia and flash features Our engineers follow industry-standards-based deployment methodologies and draw on a repository of attractive pre-built layouts and templates to develop portals that brand your business and…
  • Can efficiently handle high-volume transactions with more than 3500 concurrent users
  • Showcase more than 200,000 products
  • Are search-engine and user-friendly
  • Have integrated social networking tools
  • Have built-in Rich Internet Applications and Silverlight reporting capabilities
5. Key business benefits of our web portal development services
  • Cut development costs
  • Reduce time-to-market with speedy rollout of multiple sites
  • Enhance marketing and sales capabilities with search- and social-network friendly websites

Datacenter Management

Data Center Infrastructure Management – when it’s the right solution from the right vendor – can optimize the performance, efficiency, and business value of IT physical infrastructure and keep it seamlessly aligned with the needs of the business.

DCIM can help decision-makers:
  • Locate, visualize, and manage all of their physical assets within an integrated “single pane” view of the entire infrastructure
  • Automate the commissioning of new equipment, reducing the need for error-prone, time-consuming manual tasks like walking the floor to confirm what can go where
  • Automate capacity planning with unparalleled forecasting capabilities, including the use of “what if” scenarios
  • Reduce energy consumption, energy costs, and carbon footprint – save the planet while you’re saving potentially millions
  • Align IT to the needs of the business – and maintain that alignment, no matter how radically those business requirements may change and grow

As the leader in DCSM, TSI’s robust, proven solution works the way you and your organization want to work, backed by the most highly scalable, modern, flexible architecture. And since DCSM is not a standalone toolset, the integration to your existing management frameworks are available off-the-shelf. And during deployment, customize or add new capabilities or new locations, TSI is the fastest DCSM solution to deploy and is supported by our experienced service professionals with you at each step of the way.

Mobile App Development

We are expert in development of enterprise, e-commerce, educational and utility mobile apps. Our mobile app developers have experience of developing critical, data and performance intensive apps using cloud web services like iCloud, Rackspace, Azure, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and Content Delivery Networks etc.

So your search for best mobile application development company for iOS, Android and Windows ends here! Choose your platform and hire our expert team of mobile developer, designer, creative engineer and get your work done. To get in touch with us drop an inquiry.

Business Intelligence & Enterprise Application Services

Our Business Intelligence and Enterprise Application Services leverage superior technology, best-practice-based approaches, and our alliance with Oracle to architect class-leading data warehouses and BI systems and help businesses stay ahead of the technology curve with efficient implementation, up gradation, and migration services.

TSI range of Business Intelligence and Enterprise Application solutions help organizations bring about business transformation across the enterprise. Our teams of solution architects and domain experts are supported by a variety of proprietary frameworks and tools that significantly speed time-to-market for our solutions and drive substantial cost savings.

TSI offers organizations a variety of flexible engagement models (Extended Team, ODC, BOT, Fixed Bid Projects, T&M). Our clients also benefit from our strong pool of certified consultants, and alliances with industry leaders.

TSI’s domain specialists and expert engineers ensure that every service delivers tangible benefits:

  • Transformed, technology-enabled processes
  • Reduced risks
  • Improved end-user satisfaction
  • Maximized ROI
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Access to experienced and certified IT professionals at competitive prices
  • Shorter implementation cycles
  • Business-goal aligned IT solutions
  • Increased operational efficiency, predictability, and profitability
  • Rapid response to changing business requirements
  • Optimal re-deployment of internal resources on strategic IT initiatives

Benefits of Our Product Development Services

  • Optimize utilization of internal resources
  • Speed time-to-market
  • Increase ROI by reusing platforms and technology investments
  • Enhance product performance and functionalities via access to a skilled engineering team
  • Cut costs to increase profitability and market share
  • Shorten product development cycle time
  • Improve market agility

Product Development & RM

With TSI SEI-CMM Level 5 (Yet to attain) certified Product Development & Release Management service, organizations can speedily build, re-engineer, and introduce high-quality innovative products to stay ahead of new technology trends and meet changing customer requirements. We offer scalability, a global delivery model that capitalizes on time zone differences, and versatile development expertise to shorten time-to-market, ensure adherence to regulatory requirements and industry standards, cut product development costs, and optimize product performance.

Our engineers leverage robust quality management systems and a mature 4-step process to

  • Discover
  • Design
  • Develop
  • Implement

TSI has also branched into providing Human Resource Solution services as one of its segments. With its offices across Indian geography and specifically in cities like Mumbai, Lucknow, Delhi, Bangalore, Bhopal, Chennai and some International locations like Dubai, London & San Francisco.

We have a dedicated team which expertise in providing innovative workforce solutions. We provide precise services like end to end Human Resource Management services to the Government and major Corporates. We use innovative programs like Human Study techniques and Human Behaviour to enhance the quality of Services provided and help provide the same in an efficient and timely manner to our clients with the additional help of precision software and calculation ,techniques which grades each candidate on various soft and general skill sets.

Not only we partner with our clients to expand their business potential by providing solutions in Executive Search & Selection, Middle Management Hiring, Project Based Hiring and Recruitment Process Outsourcing through integrated suite of leadership services but we also provide an in-depth study of their current workforce which would help them to streamline their internal processes.  By understanding the significance of aligning talent strategy with business strategy we tend to offer workforce solution that drive businesses forward. We believe in building our status by delivering extremely specialized Human Resource Solution services to a large number of industries covering as many business segments as possible. The industries we cover would include IT, banking and insurance, infrastructure, water and irrigation, taxation and law, electricity and municipality, so on and so forth. We help our clients mitigate costs, enhance productivity, and manage workforce, in a more effective and efficient manner.


Understanding our Clients:
  • Understand the client need and requirement.
  • Provide contractual employees in the relevant industry and at the level as mentioned by the client.
  • Provide the candidates that best fit their requirements post verification and background check through integrated software solutions.
  • Provide replacement as per the agreement requirement as and when needed.
  • Ask for feedback of services rendered by us on a regular basis.
  • Offer a towering quality of service to all our clients.
  • Interview all candidates by a specialised team who represent the company.
  • full after care service to the clients and customers.

Banking Business correspondent:

Twinstar Has tied up with all national level banks and have become a Corporate Customer Service point Agency across India:

How do you become a Banking business correspondent or Corporate Customer Service Point?

BC Agent Appointment: Application cum biodata along with KYC documents. Copy PAN ,Aadhar & copies of qualification certificates (min. 12th pass ) & must have knowledge of operation of computer /system for working ,enclose computer education/ course certificates (if any) etc.

For further details contact : or +91-22-40394403