Operations Methodology

At Twinstar, our operations team works on the C-S-P methodology. This methodology was developed by TSI based on its years of experience in datacenter and IT infrastructure management. It stands for:

  • C – Customer Centricity / Customer satisfaction
  • S – SLA driven delivery
  • P – Proactive Support

Customer satisfaction at TSI is not just a marketing phrase, it’s a very real consequence of the extraordinary work that is performed by our support team. Many a times, the TSI's operations team will go beyond the scope of work and infrastructure areas under management to help customers isolate issues pertaining to their applications or code.

SLA forms the second core of our methodology. All TSI services are delivered through a SLA driven approach.

Proactive Support forms the third core of this methodology. Using vast experience of its Centre of Excellence teams, state of the art tools at their disposal and in-depth understanding of infrastructure management, TSI’s Operations tries to resolve issues by not only restoring the services after an incident, but also by carrying out a root- cause analysis to avoid repeated issues. Using our advanced monitoring and service management platform, TSI is able to detect and report many incidents even before they occur. That is what we call Pro-activeness.